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Hello) My name is Anastasia Andreshkova - I'm a photographer.

I have been engaged in photography for more than 6 years. Trying to find my direction in photo every photography tried many genres and types of filming.

As for me, I am realized that filming people is the most interesting and always unique, like the person himself. That's why I'm shooting weddings, and children's / family photo shoots, and portrait photosessions, and model tests ...

All kinds of photo sessions where there are people. Maybe it sounds strange, but I like people very much, trying to keep your most important moments close to your heart - a holiday, the history of your love, the birth of your family, your little children, the most important and touching moments to remember.

Your lovely and beautiful photos will always take a worthy place in your photo albums.


More than a million photos made by me, pleased my customers around the world.

My projects

For my career I shot about a hundred weddings, about two hundred family and children's photo sessions, and more than 50 model tests and creative projects.


I work with modeling agencies, designers and wedding fashion salons.

I am always in search of new ideas and inspiration, therefore I accept orders for photoshooting far beyond the limits of my residence. I work in such cities as Minsk, Grodno, Brest, Vilnius, Klaipeda, Riga, Jurmala, Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk. With pleasure I will come to any city to take a good photosessions especially for you.




Photography - for me it is at first the feelings and emotions that she is able to touch ... If you remember my name tomorrow - you represent my works - this means my goal as an author is achieved and I was able to photograph so that you would remember me ...

Contact with me

I will be glad to work with you